Fans upset with new Warcraft trailer’s music


So the new Warcraft trailer was released yesterday, and I have to say the more I see of it the more I think this is actually going to be a pretty epic movie that will be pretty faithful to the source material. But aside from that the entire internet is in an uproar about the music used in the trailer. The Prodigy “The Day is my Enemy” while not my first choice for a movie like Warcraft, it in no way makes the trailer un-watchable or bad. And I would be in the tiny minority of people who actually enjoyed the trailer. Rather than bitching about the musical choices for the trailer, people need to worry about the actual story and if they will be faithful to the source material. Seriously guys fucken priorities over here!

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  1. What annoys me must is how the music is referred to as Dubstep or Wub Wub music, Its the frickin Prodigy one of the greatest music acts from the 90’s who are still making quality music. Not the best track for this trailer but I remember the 300 trailer used Just like You Imagined by Nine Inch Nails and its probably one of the best trailers out there.

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