So have you heard about Social Autopsy?

So have you heard of a of a Kickstarter campaign called “Social Autopsy” no? Well here is the long and short of it. It is basically a website/database that aims to build a “digital footprint” of those who use social media to spread hate. When the project launches, Social Autopsy will encourage ordinary internet users to snitch on any friends, co-workers, or internet acquaintances. “Simply put, Social Autopsy is your digital footprint. So be mindful of the words that you share,” they proudly announced in their video. In the very same video they also proudly boasts that commenting is banned on their site. “We exist as a clean archive of an individual’s words only, from which employers, friends, and universities alike may draw their own conclusions.”

What the actual fuck did I just read!? So not only are these people hypocritical cowards but they are encouraging, and also advancing hypocrisy and cowardice. Anyone with integrity won’t be giving this site and credence or credibility that much I can tell you now. People who are loved by many, but are in opposition to an ideology, narrative or idea will end up on the site. Not because they are trolls or “Cyber Bullies” but because they disagreed with someone. I will leave it to you, to imagine for yourself the ways in which such a database could go badly wrong and be easily abused. Yes, there are plenty of examples of people acting inappropriately and insensitively and aggressively online. But I don’t think that it gives the internet and companies like Social Autopsy a green card to launch a witch-hunt.

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