I quite honestly thought this was a joke of sorts. No one in their right mind would express their appreciation for an STD. It’s been a while since I’ve seen stupidity this far gone. And I think this hashtag is fucking ridiculous. Stop the fucken merry go round I wanna get off, seriously. There’s shaming that goes along with having a sexual transmitted disease, you say? GOOD. If you are to act like an animal that wants to fuck everything recklessly without taking the proper precautions, then you deserve what you get.


There’s nothing more appetizing than the sight of acute crotch-rot.

Congrats, here’s your Darwin Award you earned it. Sorry, but according to common-sense the abundance of sexually transmitted diseases among certain subsets of particularly promiscuous males and females exists specifically because of poor decisions and bad character. A society that does not acknowledge a relationship between choices and the consequences that are attached to those choices is short on future. STD’s and Social Justice is really disgusting and both very preventable by using protection and common sense.

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  1. Completely agree! Well said!!!

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