The media is still eager to demonize gamers

So over the weekend another Alison Rapp revelation hit the internet after it was discovered she was part timing as a prostitute, but let’s put that aside for the moment. And let’s forget about the pro pedophilia stance or the fact that she was moonlighting a second job. And let’s focus on the fact how the media loved to demonize gamers throughout the entire situation. After all of the above is said and done they still managed to blame gamer’s and #Gamergate for Alison Rapp being fired from Nintendo as one of their PR managers. Someone pointed to something disturbing she said publicly using her Twitter account, the very same account she used for her public relations job at Nintendo mind you.

nakxybNintendo being her employer looked into her, which they are perfectly in their right to do, and found out that she does not represent the core values of Nintendo. She nailed her own coffin shut from the inside and has no one to blame but herself. And the supreme irony behind all of this? The very same people who took up issues with the go-go dancers hired by Microsoft at GDC complained and called it sexist, are now defending Alison Rapp. Saying that paying women to have sex is so empowering and that she is being “slut shamed”. Social Justice Warrior logic, ladies and gents. Try not to have an aneurysm attempting to comprehend how their logic works.

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