Alien: Isolation not for the faint-hearted

Alien: Isolation has some of the scariest gaming moment ever for me. I was hiding in a locker while the alien was hunting me. It searched for what seemed like an hour when it finally gave up and started to leave. When I heard the door opening up for it to leave, I let out an involuntary “whew”. The fucken thing lept right at the locker, ripped the door off, and killed me. I screamed like a goddamn cheerleader, this game has so many different flavours of scary going on at the same time it is not even funny.

Having said that you are sure to find at least one section where you just stop, take off your headset, and turn off your console or computer because you can’t take the scares anymore. The game builds up the tension so well with its music, sound design, the motion tracker, everything. Especially before you gets the motion tracker, you never quite know if it’s the sound of the station bumping or creaking, or if it’s the alien crawling around.  I felt like a 19 year old again, ready to throw my controller at the TV.

No game since my young adult years has given me the same addicting frustration that Alien: Isolation has. As scary and frustrating as it is I could not put it down. For example, the game listens to you. If you have at microphone, you have to be damn near silent when the Alien is around or he will find where you are hiding based off the sound coming from your microphone. I encourage everyone who hasn’t picked it up yet to give it a shot. Don’t take the reviews seriously.

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