How do you determine if a game was worth your money?

The bottom line for me is, I never try to mix the value of a video game by how much it cost when I purchased it or the time I spent playing it. I actually have no idea how people can sit and calculate how much “value” they got out of the game to begin with. I don’t like to attach numerical values to everything I do in life especially my hobbies like. When I finish a game I thought was fun, my first thought is: “Wow that was fucken amazing”. It annoys me when I see people reduce games that were amazing experiences down to the amount of time/money they spent on it. That said, I have felt like I have gotten good value for my money if I had had fun. Or if the game has left that much of an impression on me.

GTY_video_game_playing_jef_131211_16x9_992A good example for me would be Last of Us or Beyond Two Souls. Playing those games weren’t about the money or the time I spent on them, but the overall experience I gained from playing them. I really only like a game these days if it leaves me with an experience I didn’t have before I started playing it. A new game mechanic I hadn’t seen before, a cool story that leaves me wow’d or with a new perspective, some stylized graphics, an awesome soundtrack, etc. TLDR; Fun is subjective, price is relative. If you had fun, price is not a consideration. If you sort of had fun, price is sort of a consideration. If you didn’t have fun, then price is definitely a consideration.

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