Beamdog Studio’s and the Baldur’s Gate controversy

The biggest question throughout this entire debacle for me is, why did the writers at Beamdog Studio’s feel the need for Minsc and Boo to make a Gamergate reference?  I just don’t think games should be dragging a character into a place that doesn’t suit them. Minsc is fictional Barbarian who carries with him a miniature giant space hamster in a fictional role playing game. What does he know about gaming politics or Gamergate?  If you *really* want to have a pop-culture reference or “meme” in your game, then it needs to be able to stand on its own feet and make sense in context.

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The same people claiming the Baldur’s Gate issue is just ‘A couple of lines of text’ are the same people who went nuts over “a couple of lines of text’ in Pillars of Eternity.

A barbarian in a fictional fantasy world making a joke about Gamergate has not context and makes zero sense.  This is a fucken video game Beamdog Studio’s. Left, right, or center your politics don’t fucking belong in any type of video game. Simple as that. The part that I don’t get is why waste your time bashing people you dislike in a piece of media that was originally made to get people to think less about the problems in their lives. You know because video games is a form of escapism. The second question I have is why change existing lore and characters? 

Beamdog Studio’s and the people who are defending them, act as if people are up in arms about that sole fact that there is a character in the game who is transgender when that isn’t the case in the slightest. People are angry because they have shamelessly added in a transgender character with no reason given other than to fit their agenda. Along with the other half a dozen altercations to other classic and defined characters with perplexing unnecessary changes. And for what just to desecrate the franchise even more and annoy the long-time fans of the franchise?

Dee Pennyway

Beamdog community manager and censor-in-chief Dee Pennyway trying to get the support of Jezebel and Anita Sarkeesian against critics

This is pretty much Social Justice Warriors in a nutshell. They are creatively deficient. They seem to lack the courage to work hard and risk rejection by creating something new or original that people might accept or reject. So what do they do? They opt instead to change something that already exists and has brand recognition. Because if it fails, which inevitably does as it always does they can scream sexist/racist/bigot and absolve themselves of any or all responsibilities attached to the project. This type of contempt towards someone’s core audience is baffling and everyone loses at the end of the day.

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