Who want’s some Wang? (Shadow Warrior 4 “short” review)

In a world of first person shooters with regenerating health and a two weapon limits games like Shadow Warrior 2 has become a dying breed. The original game alongside games like Duke Nukem 3D was a reminder of the late 90’s glory days of the first person shooter. I played the original when it was released back in 1997 almost 19 years ago. (I am feeling really old right about now.) The second game in the series definitely takes you back to those glory days of first person shooters. 

The developers made sure they placed some subtle nuances into the game referencing to the original game, which is always a treat for the original fans. The tongue and cheek comments from Wang does not always hit the mark, but I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations between Wang and Hoji. And the story itself was pretty fucken solid for a first person shooter. But the real joy you get from the game isn’t the impressive arsenal of weapons you get to wield. The real joy comes from using your sword the legendary “Mizayak” to slice up your enemies.

And I can easily say some of the best sword play mechanics I have ever encountered in a first person shooter. Only major issue (call it a gripe) I had with the game was trying to cast magic while running from the demon hordes, as it got quite confusing at times between casting your Ki powers and switching between weapons. Shadow Warrior is definitely a good game and honours the old school genre of first person shooters.  If you are considering buying this game, I would give it my full recommendation. 

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