Play-Asia had the best April fools joke ever!

DcYcPatSaw this on Twitter a few days back. It initially confused the hell out of me, then I realized it was a couple hours into the morning of April 1st. Got a laugh once I realized it was an April fools prank. For those of you who need a bit of context to go with the above image? Here is a short version: After the news that Dead or Alive Extreme 3 would not be released in the West, Play Asia announced that they would be importing copies of the English Asian version of the game for Western fans who want to play it. When they announced this, they openly mocked the aforementioned guardians of political correctness, who had spent the past several years ranting about how sexist Dead or Alive is.


Which had led Koei Tecmo to decide not to go forward with a Western release. After being called out and mocked by Play Asia, those same self-appointed saviours of women decided to no longer do business with the company. But now that Dead or Alive Extreme 3 has been released and Play Asia became the main venue to get an English copy of the game, they broke sales records with it. For April Fools, Play Asia released the pictured statement, which is a joke about introducing an initiative to cater to those sensitive folks they’d previously alienated. The entire statement continues to mock them in a tongue-in-cheek sense. Softer Joining Watchdogs.

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