Tracer (Overwatch) latest victim of outrage culture

Overwatch itself is quite fun and well-made game, and I could see myself playing it for quite a long time. It’s just a shame Blizzard has taken the opportunity to, at best, show a willingness to bow to the perpetually offended Social Justice Warriors. Congratulations, Blizzard, by capitulating to the Social Justice Warriors on your forum and removing that “problematic” and “sexist” content from your own game. What this all boils down to, is the fact that the people complaining are ones turning it into “problematic” and “sexist” issue, because in truth, not everybody sees it as exactly that.

TracerSo to see a pose like that and immediately jump to conclusion that it is “problematic” and “sexist, that is entirely on you not on the video game developer. How sheltered does a person have to be to think that this is even remotely harmful to anybody? How do they even survive in the world? But that is not even half the problem, the real problem is if you give in and start removing content from the game. Where can you draw the line what is okay and what is not? Today its Tracers pose, tomorrow it will be Reinhardt’s hammer because some sheltered Social Justice Warrior will view it as a phallic symbol.


The so called “problematic” and “sexist” pose that was removed. Avert your eye’s children!

Worryingly, it seems that the amount of pressure needed to sway creative minds in the video game industry is shrinking, and all you really need is a single, anonymous post on an official forum to have content removed. This is what these Social Justice Warriors find important. Not war, not billions of poor people being crushed under the foot of globalization every day, not cancer, not terrorism, not hunger, not any kind of suffering. But a pose where a female video game character presents her ass for the camera. For them, that is the most pressing issue…

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  1. Level One Kenobi says:

    I miss the old Blizzard of long ago that made great games.

    How ironic that the company that created Sarah Kerrigan, one of the best all-time female video game characters, has been reduced to groveling for SJW favor!

  2. Libertarian Geek says:

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