Tis the faux offendetrons, they have taken over the world!

So earlier today I got a notification by Facebook that one of my posts on my Facebook page was removed due to someone taking offence against it, the original image can be found here. And this got me thinking, I fully believe in the fact that we can make fun of anything, gender, stereotypes, people of certain races, people of certain ethnicity and religion. Nothing should be exempt from this list. No one should escape the vengeful wrath of irony and wit. Humor should not have any boundaries, and should not have a stopping point. I admit that you shouldn’t say intentionally hurtful comments just for shock value.

12670663_858646877595873_6226593062747192271_nI personally think that one of the greatest thing about our species is our ability to find humor in even the darkest of situations. It’s truly beautiful to know that no matter how bad it gets someone somewhere is deriving joy from a situation. I think there is a huge difference between tact and a sense of humor. Having said that if you do not enjoy any of my posts/comments I make on this Blog or Facebook page, please just leave. No one is forcing you to read anything on this Blog or the Facebook page. We do not need dry humorless people like yourself ruining the experience for others who enjoy a good laugh and have a sense of humor.

I will just leave this here:


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  1. Libertarian Geek says:

    The censorship on Facebook has gotten out of control. It’s not yet as bad as Twitter but it’s not much better.

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