My experience with religion and turning to Atheism

Growing up I was raised by my parent’s to be (miserable) Christian. Not that I blame them they were teaching me what they believed in, and what their parents teached them so I do not hold it against them. But for many years I struggled with the question of what God and religion really is. After numerous attempts to force myself to believe and going to church I just couldn’t anymore. At first it was pretty scary coming to the realization that I am not the centre of the universe or God’s special snow flake. And to realize that no one is looking down on me helping me through the crisis, trials and tribulations of life. And the final truth about the afterlife, what if I am wrong and there is a God or an afterlife?

atheism_bigWhat if I did not believe in the one true religion? What if one of the other 4200 religion out there was the correct one? And I was dooming myself to hell and eternal damnation, but soon that fear was replaced by something else. All of a sudden it became extremely satisfying and fulfilling to know that I am now the master of my own destiny. I know that all my successes are from my merit/skills and all my failures are my fault, and that they aren’t attributed to some magical/mystical being. I find my own paradigm to be very intellectually freeing and internally consistent. And unlike what they tried to teach me in church on a weekly basis is that we need religion to have morality.

screen_shot_2012-11-24_at_9.25.21_amWhich is untrue, as I quickly found out myself. Religion is not needed to have moral/ethical values, a person can develop their own morals as easily as they can reject morals given to them through religion. Basically my Atheism boils down to the following, I don’t believe in religion for the very same reason I don’t believe in Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny or Unicorns, there is just no evidence for their existence, and so I assume that they are irrelevant, which means I treat any form of religion as non-existent. Yes I can’t prove he doesn’t exist, just like any other religion out there can’t prove their God does exists. But believing in Gods existence provides no real benefits to me as a person, nor is there any drawbacks for me not believing in a religion.

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  1. Saying that God doesn’t exist is like saying you are not alive. The very thing that makes you breath is your connection to Him/Her. I see religion as another way to help us find our way home. Works for some people and not so much for others. It worked for a while for me, but I no longer need it since I’ve found my way. So if you have found another way that makes you feel fulfilled, happy and excited about this life, then you have found “your” religion. Best wishes for you :)

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