Zack Snyder not casting Grant Gustin as Flash is a big mistake

I think it’s a colossal mistake by Warner Brothers not to use Grant Gustin or Stephen Amell in the DC Cinematic Universe. Grant Gustin would make an excellent Flash on the big screen. He really has grown into the role as Flash in the TV series, and I really cannot see anyone else playing that role. Obviously, Zack Snyder disagrees as he cast Ezra Miller in the role of Barry Allen for the upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie, which hasn’t been well received by fans at all. “I just don’t think it was a good fit,” Snyder told the New York Daily News of bringing Grant Gustin’s Flash into the Justice League universe. “I’m very strict with this universe, and I just don’t see a version where…that (tone is) not our world.”

grant-gustin-the-flash-tvIt suspiciously sounds like an attempt or excuse by Snyder to calm the masses by stating Grant Gustin’s Flash is part of the overall DC multiverse. Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell has become a household name for his performance in The Flash and Arrow, so in my mind it would only make sense to cast them in the movies right? Flash has always been about hope and fun, as opposed to his more brooding counter parts Batman and Superman. So do I think DC is making a mistake by giving us someone who looks more female than guy, yes I do. And personally, I still don’t get why DC wants to build a shared universe but want to separate their TV and Movie universes.

arrowclip-135517And honestly that is why Marvel is wiping the floor with DC when it comes to TV ratings and box office numbers. Marvel has figured out a long time ago that fans want to see a shared universe where what happens in the movies cross over into the TV shows and vice versa. Not to mention Marvel’s casting of the various characters in their movies have been spot on and constant through every movie and TV show. By shattering continuity while attempting to create an integrated extended universe, DC hurts everything attached to their cinematic efforts. Sure, this new movie may be a great standalone, but recasting the lead roles with every movie while pushing an integrated universe is stupid.

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