Microsoft’s throws after party at GDC, everyone unhappy

Really?! I mean what the actual fuck.  If you weren’t comfortable with the female dancers or the situation then leave. You aren’t a fucken tree with roots, you have the ability to remove yourself from any situation. It is really retarded that people feel like they are being “forced” to go to parties and “forced” to look at these dancing woman, then have to complain about them. Probably wasn’t the best decision on Microsoft’s part, but also isn’t so bad that people need to file complaints and have formal apologies issued. But unfortunately it seems that this is the world we live in. Instead of simply distancing oneself from something that we find distasteful, offense is taken and an uproar is made.

microsoft-alienates-women-with-scantily-clad-schoolgirl-dancers-at-official-partyPeople need to get over themselves and stop whining over every little thing, cause guess what, this isn’t McDonald’s. You can’t always have it your way. Those women were paid. It was there job to be there. You social justice warriors are quacking about feminism and all you’ve really done is decide in how a woman should run their lives. If those women feel liberated and empowered by dancing in school girl outfits let them. The irony is not lost on me though. They want those girls to be able to wear whatever they like and make money however they want but they don’t want their target audience to be able to book them because then they are objectifying them? Just goes to show you that the social justice warrior club is a joke unto itself.

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