Gawker doesn’t have to be your audience, Gawker is over

What the Hulk Hogan trail demonstrated is the huge arrogance of these people, it was an eye opener, and I mean I knew they were bad but stupid and arrogant without limit? And watch video game journalists actually defending Gawkers actions, is absolutely mind numbingly astounding. I don’t give two shits about who is fucking who. There was a time when journalists were honorable and sought real truths. Hulk Hogan fucking another guy’s wife is not news, and neither is his sex tape. If Hulk Hogan was a woman, Gawker would be calling for the lynching of whoever leaked the video. Truth be told didn’t Gawker and Jezebel freak out over the fappening?


You know when the hackers stole all those nudes from celebrities’ iPhones? And they stated that it was morally repugnant to post celebrity nudes especially of women? So Gawker tell me, what the hell is the difference between the fappening and posting a sex tape that Hulk Hogan didn’t even know that he was being filmed? It was invasion of privacy cloaked as “journalism.” Getting their hands on the sex tape, that they don’t even own, and releasing it to the public is not free speech, its invasion of privacy. They did not own the rights for the tape, the tape wasn’t made public with Hulk Hogan consent. 

1000976_854819864645241_3468307650744906192_nUnsurprisingly though some members of the morally corrupt video game journalists have come to the defense of Gawker Media, not surprising though since birds of a feather flock together. Beautiful times, to think, when you’re gone Gawker and you’ve dragged Kotaku and Jezebel down. Who is going to write all the tabloid sleaze and vile unethical shit we all came to know and ‘love’? I generally do not enjoy dancing on the graves and misfortune of others, but this has been a long time coming. Don’t mind me I am just getting all nostalgic up in here…

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