The “Quality”of SyFy’s #Gamergate episode revealed

So for you those of you wondering about the quality of one of the episodes of SyFy’s new show called: “The Internet Ruined My Life” wonder no more as you can see a clip from the up-coming Gamergate episode. Featuring our own professional victim Brianna Wu. I love the dubstep drop they do for the “this is when they started to dox me.” It is so fucken cringe worthy.

That at times it seems more like a comedy show than a show based on “reality”. Without the boogeyman that is Gamergate her game wouldn’t have gotten any attention. She would not be any kind of voice in gaming or for women in tech. Everything that she’s ridden on has been the shady ghost of misrepresenting Gamergate and making a mockery of us as gamers. No amount of “positive” media spin is going to make the internet believe your bullshit Brianna Wu, no amount.

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