The Lobo movie just got resurrected

Ah! Good news for Lobo fans like myself, The Wrap reports that Jason Fuchs, who not only wrote the script for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie but also last year’s Pan, is rewriting Lobo from the ground up. Which means that the people who were previously been attached to the project may no longer be involved. Lobo, if handled right, could be just as good as Deadpool. His existence pretty much mocks every super hero in existence just like Deadpool.
zncybun6tknuk1cwvgnfLobo was funny as shit when I was a kid but the recent reboot DC tried in comics was just fucken awful! For the superhero genre to continue to thrive it can’t just hang out in PG 13 waters. A really well done adult superhero movie can attract people who feel the other films are just glorified kids friendly movies. And I would pay good amount of money to see Deadpool and Lobo going head to head with Deadpool. Art by Reilly Brown, on Deviantart. Go check him out

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