Disney announces Indiana Jones 5

Disney announced yesterday that our favorite archaeologist will be returning to the silver screen on July 19th, 2019. Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are getting back together to bring us Indiana Jones 5. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was  neither good nor particularly well received when it opened back in 2008, and Ford was already getting up there in the age department back then. My first reaction to this news was:

TnQRX6vBy the time the fifth movie hit’s theaters he will be 77. And while the last Indiana Jones movie didn’t piss on my childhood, it pissed on Jones’ own adventures and legacy. A movie about an aging Jones would certainly be welcome. But the last movie pretty much ruins the perfect ending we already got in the third one, where he rides off into the sunset. This just seems like cheap cash-grab like the recently announced Ghost Busters movie.

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