Is Anita Sarkeesian like Jack Thompson?

Jack Thompson, as misguided and flat out wrong as he was, believed his crusade came from a place of genuinely believing that games were harmful and caused violence. Anita Sarkeesian on the other hand is blatantly in it for the money and power. The only example you need on Anita Sarkeesian is the way she’s handled the kickstarter obligations for Tropes Vs Woman in video games. 1411691917832Jack Thompson’s, failure in the courts helped cement the free speech protection of video games we have today. I consider Anita Sarkeesian  a little more devious by deliberately avoiding the main stream spotlight because she knows she can’t bully the industry into self-censorship if the courts ever rule against her. If she ever took the argument that video games cause misogyny into the courts and lost, it would completely discredit her as it did Jack Thompson.

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