You cannot keep every Marvel geek happy it seems

First people complain that there isn’t enough Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War and now that he makes an appearance, they complain about the outfit his voice and his age. Seriously!? I am a hardcore comic book fan myself, but the fact that we are even getting a Spider-Man in this movie is a miracle in itself. So, I kinda expected a good suit since this is Marvel and not Sony. I did not, however, see the squinting eyes coming, and now I freaking LOVE it. I cannot wait to hear how they explain the technology and the reason for it.


This Hi-Res looks a lot better than the trailer. Lots of folks were already complaining that the CGI looked unfinished in that trailer, almost cartoonish. This detail settles that in my book.

The eyes are right out of the pages of a comic,  Amazingly, this high-res shot actually shows you how they’re meant to realistically work. The eyes and the small logo are definitely a homage too Steve Ditko and John Romita who were the originally artists who worked on the Spider-Man comics. After 17 trailers of Batman and Superman glaring at each other with no more than a night stand light to illuminate them, this was pure glory. I am not sure this boner of mine is ever going to go down. What do you think of Spider-Man’s new cinematic look? Let me know in the comments.

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