Create your own damn characters…

Expanding on my earlier post on why the new Ghost Buster trailer is a foreshadowing of the movies failure, I decided to give my own personal reasons for not enjoying the trailer and why I think it is doomed to fail. The short and long of it, is that it is not extremely “progressive” but comes across as being lazy. Just like the push to make the next James Bond black. Make original characters, instead of reusing old characters and changing their race or sex and expect an applause from the fans who has been supporting the franchise for years. Having said that I find it extremely odd that women and Social Justice Warriors applaud remake of movies and superheroes with male characters and turning them female (Using Thor as a reference here).

v7P9JOUIf I was them I would have been offended by the fact that no one wants to take the time to create original characters for them.  Same with black people. James Bond is a white Brit period. Same with Iron Fist, he is white not Asian. If you don’t want a black character to be replaced by a white one in movies and other media, why is it okay for a white character to be turned into Black, Asian or Hispanic? We need more newly created and original characters, not handouts. Making an all-female lead Ghost Busters movie, is not progression it is being lazy. These people should learn from this, and start creating their own original characters instead of  repeating the same mistakes.

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