Patrick Klepek and Kotaku’s corrupt journalism



Kotaku and Patrick Klepek continuing to be scum of the video game journalist industry. Not surprised though, not the first time Patrick Klepek has done something underhanded and dishonest. Shortly afterwards leaving Giant Bomb under a sea of allegations that he and his cohorts were blacklisting video game industry professional Kevin Dent by requesting other competing websites not to grant him any interviews. No surprise though he found a new home surrounded by other unethical and morally corrupt journalists at Kotaku. Paterick Klepek posted an article yesterday on Kotaku claiming that Gamergate and male gamers were smearing Alison Rapp because she is a female feminist gamer, who helped censor a video game.

None PermissionBut this is only a half truths being spun by Paterick and Kotaku. Funny how Patrick claims this is all about going after Rapp because she’s a woman, when it is Alison Rapp’s questionable thesis on child pornography (Which you can read here) and her pro views regarding the distribution of child pornography that most gamer’s and people are objecting too. Also interesting to note on page 33 of her thesis, she outlined objections towards laws enacting against child pornography. She then took it a step further openly claimed on Twitter that she was okay with sexual interactions with children which in my book makes you a pedophile even if you aren’t one yourself you are enabling others.

Nintendo Pedophile Twitts 2

It really sickens me more to think she believes she did nothing wrong and people like Kotaku and Patrick Klepek openly support her it’s just mind blowing. And then they have the gall to turn around and blame gamer’s and more specifically Gamergate for this?! This is not the kind of thing someone working for a company whose customers are fucken children should ever say. As a father it sickens me to see the shit she was saying and trying to justify it at the same time. What did she expect to happen when people found out that she is a vocal supporter of decriminalizing child porn? And I praise the tenacity of Jamie Walton, for all the SJW muck she has to wade through to make the world a safer place.

WuBJust reading the words “sexual agency” in reference to a child makes my brain shut down. The overwhelming majority of kids are not sexual beings and most that are have serious issues going on that made them that way…I just love the fact that all the Social Justice Warriors are shouting and crying that one of their “friends” was exposed as pedophile enabler, and then have the audacity to basically say that it is all Gamergates fault for exposing her. But I guess they will use the same old washed up excuse for calling them out on bad journalism and the underhanded tactics: “I’m too white, male, and privileged to understand what is going on.” Their ivory towers are crumbling around them and their careers as they are getting called out. You can find more on the entire thing here.

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