Nintendo funding Beyond Good & Evil 2 as NX exclusive?

A good multi-platform release is good for any franchise and good for sales. Exclusivity doesn’t offer any advantage except the upfront payment developers get. A fact that was proven when Bayonetta 2 was released on the Nintendo Wii U, and the sales ended up being worse than when the game was multi-platform. Having said that I doubt Ubisoft would do it unless Nintendo offered them an insane amount of money. But if what is being speculated is true, everyone interested in Nintendo’s new NX console better buy the hell out of it if they want the NX to have any 3rd party support at all. Nintendo has always had a troubled relationship with third parties, going back to their unreasonable licensing program on the NES.

oTyaOT9Z0bhG.878x0.Z-Z96KYqAnd judging from rumours about how much access third party development teams have had to NX prototypes (ie. not much) and poor libraries, it doesn’t look like this is going to change any time soon. Which does not bode well for a title like Beyond Good & Evil 2 if it ever was to become a Nintendo NX exclusive. If I was a developer of a game why would I allow a company like Nintendo to even touch my property knowing full well that anything that is not first party will die when published on their platform. It is not even a chance it is a given fact. It is like going to a horse race and instead of splitting your bets on all of the horses, you look for the lamest, sickest horse that is malnourished and dying and bet all your money on it.

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