Does video game cover art really matter?

I seriously do not get the controversy surrounding the Doom cover art. The amount of time I spent looking at the cover art is the same amount of time I spend un-wrapping the game before I put it in my console. And when I am done with the game I take it out and put it back in it’s case, so the amount of time I spend looking at cover art can’t be anymore than  5 minutes in total. And whether or not the box art is catchy is totally irrelevant to me since it is the content that matters for me.

doom-ps4-cover-640x798Even better if they can cut the price of the games by cutting down on the box art then all the better for a cheapskate like myself. I can understand if you are a collector, but even then how many times do you honestly sit in front of your collection take out each of your games and stare at the cover? There are entire communities out there that are dedicated to the making and upload of custom box arts for games, if you are not happy with the original. Though I have to admit the updated box art does give me that nostalgic feeling.

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