Can we talk about the new Ghost Busters movie?

So I just watched the trailer…and yeah it looks godawful. I’m sorry, but Melissa McCarthy is not funny. Anyone who had the unfortunate experience of watching “Tammy” can attest to that. Kristen Wiig is funny, but here it seems like she’s given nothing to do in the movie.  McKinnon is actually pretty funny and talented, though not quite as good as Wiig, but just like Wigg it looks like they gave her nothing to do in the movie. And Jones is…well, she’s like you see in the trailer, pretty much, a loud black woman. There’s not much more to tell than that.

Tumbs Down

The movie trailer on Sony’s official YouTube channel is getting hit hard by comments and dislikes.

I think the biggest problem is the over-reliance on special effects, and the fact that, at its heart, Ghostbusters is a buddy comedy and there is no chemistry and no humour anywhere in that trailer. Since the trailer hit the internet and social media, the media outlets have been lauding it as the best thing since the original, god knows why. But here is the funny but while the media outlets have been praising the trailer the internet and fans have had the polar opposite reaction to it. On Facebook and Twitter is is even worse with people flat out refusing to go watch it in the cinema’s.


And this is just a small sample of reactions from just some of the online publications trying to put a positive spin on what looks to be a mediocre attempt at rebooting a classic franchise. And these aren’t the cherry picked negative comments these are the top comments in each respective article on Facebook. It is the exact opposite of what the media is trying to spin. But I am guessing if the movie flops which there is no doubt in my mind of happening, and honestly I really hope it does. And it is inevitable when it does tank that the media and Social Justice Warriors will blame it on “misogynistic shit lords” like me.

TLDR: Who do you think you are fooling media/social justice warriors? You are acting like the internet is clamouring for the all-female Ghostbusters reboot. Yet all I have seen from fans is a resounding indifference and negative feedback. You know this, so stop fooling yourselves at this point. Stop trying to make the Ghostbuster reboot hype happen. It is definitely not going to happen, no matter how much of a positive spin you put on it. Sugar coating a turd does not magically turn it into a delicious confectionery. 

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