Leigh Alexander and company tried to discredit Totalbiscuit

Maliciously going after and attacking someone that is ill and isn’t in any position to defend himself gets under my skin in the worst way possible. As a gamer I look up to Totalbiscuit. He has done more for the industry than any of these Social Justice Warriors. Not only has he stopped me from pre-ordering games, but he’s also one of the few people who is extremely critical of the industry where it matters. Totalbiscuit is a far more of a video game critic than they are, as he actually talks about games, instead of using games as excuse to talk about other issues.

John "TotalBiscuit" Bain - PortraitI think this is why he has got a bigger audience that anyone on that list. Gamers like to talk about the games themselves, not agendas, social problems or all the other bullshit that these Social Justice Warriors like to bring up from time to time. Calling Totalbiscuit a bad critic because he focuses on what a large portion of gamers actually want to know is a huge sign that these people are completely out of touch with the general gaming audience. Their mantra is “there is no bad tactics, only bad targets”. Now you can understand how can they harass a cancer patient and still think of themselves as good.

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