Why I am pro Gamergate

The purpose of this blog post is to tell everyone (If you haven’t figured it out yet) why I am pro Gamergate and the answer is simple: I am tired of Social Justice Warriors telling me what I am allowed to enjoy or feel. How guilty I am for reason of birth because of my race/gender/orientation. I am sick and fucking tired of these Social Justice Warriors telling me that I am an awful human being because I play video games. For those of us that have loved and played video games our whole lives.

acHNtKNThese games have enriched us and brought us joy to such a level that we will defend it against people like Anita Sarkeesian and her ilk. These people really have no passion for games or the hobby and want to use it to further their own agendas and line their own pocket with money. As long as I am a gamer I will not allow it to be sullied and shit upon by people who honestly don’t seem too interested in the medium at large.

S3Yl1LTOutside of gaming journalism, gamers and gaming as a whole have been made into easy targets/scapegoats for all the worlds’ social problems, ever since the early 90’s when the gaming became more mainstream. So it is high time for myself and gamers as a whole to finally start fighting back with facts. Even with the constant near-monthly pieces of actual research proving violent games have no correlation to violent behavior, you still have people like Anita Sarkeesian and most mainstream non-gaming media spouting that violent games make people violent.645278120_7z6ca-LOr in the last year or so, sexist with no proof of either. All the lies and rhetoric they keep spewing will eventually backfire. All the lies about harassment, everything will blow up in their face and then they will have no place to hide.  Gamers are not going away. And maybe when this is all over people will remember what it was like to stand together for a common cause.

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