Trans-Species! It’s here. Girl claims she is ‘born a cat’

Yes as the topic implies somewhere out there someone believes they are “trans species”and that they weren’t born human but in fact they were born as a cat. Yes people I cannot make this shit up even if I wanted to, having said that I have always sexually identified as an attack helicopter ever since I was a small boy. I dreamed of roaming the skies shooting people in the face, people say to me that a person being an attack helicopter is impossible. And that I am fucking retarded but I don’t care, I am beautiful!

From now on, I want you guys to call me helicopter boy. If you can’t accept me you are a copterphobe and need to check your flight privileges, otherwise will drop my “ordinance” on your front lawn. #helicopterlivesmatter. But seriously though, the people that support or defend this nonsense are just as crazy and part of the problem. Clearly this woman/cat/feline needs help, since she is a few fries short of a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Now if you will excuse me:


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4 Responses to Trans-Species! It’s here. Girl claims she is ‘born a cat’

  1. Cirsova says:

    In other breaking news: Cat-girls – no longer sexy!

  2. Teldin says:

    Sorry Suitably bored (damn auto correct)

  3. Teldin says:

    Suitable bored never fails to report on entertaining subject matter.

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