The “Samus is Transgender” bullshit is back again…

I see the Samus (Metriod Prime) is a transgender discussion has reared its retarded head once again, after Ronda Rousey stated that she would like to play role of Samus if a movie was ever announced. The desperate need for representation is a recurring theme in these “X character is transgender” write ups. And with it comes a desperate need for someone to feel validated by someone like them being portrayed in media. These people writing this want so badly for their gender identity to be validated, because for whatever reason they feel society does not deem them worthy unless popular forms of media like movies, comics and in this case video games portray them explicitly.

ronda-rousey-samus-metroid-movieIf there isn’t a transgender person playing Samus or whoever, they don’t feel that as a transgender person that they are worth anything to people or even society as a whole. And I simply cannot understand why. Why do these people feel the need too randomly assign and dictate the sexes of the game characters on a whim? Even though it has been stated by the creator themselves, that Samus is indeed female. Having said that video game characters aren’t real or alive, which means the act of assigning a gender or gender identity to them is pointless. Basing one’s self esteem on media representation in video games is absolutely  excessive. How can someone be so neurotic?

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