R rated comic book adaptations flood gates open

Remember when no movie studio wanted to touch an R rated super hero movie? And now that 20th Century Fox took a chance with Deadpool all of a sudden there is now talk of an R rated Wolverine and X-Force movie. Even Batman Vs Superman is getting on in the act. So now everyone assumes correlation = causation. But what people don’t realize is it is only going to work if the source material itself is R-rated. I haven’t picked up many X-men comic books recently, but I would assume a lot of Wolverine’s stories fall into that awful no man’s land of “too much for PG-13, not enough for R “category.
It is rather ironic that 20th Century Fox, of all studios, is now embracing the R rating. Too bad their PG-13 philosophies already killed the Die Hard franchise. Now don’t get me wrong, I much prefer the R-rating, and it would be nice for Hugh Jackman to get to play an R-rated wolverine before he bows out. But slapping an R rating on everything especially when the source material is not R rated. Movie studios need to realize that they actually have to make a good movie and not just rely on an aesthetic style choice. It worked for Deadpool, not so sure if that’s the case for other comic book characters/franchises.

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