PewDiePie’s appearance on Conan was terrible

Talk about being totally awkward and terrible appearance on Clueless Gamer. What makes the Clueless Gamer segment on the show is Conan’s reaction with Bleyaert and his reaction to Conan’s jokes. But watching the video it looks like PewDiePie didn’t get half of the jokes Conan was throwing out. Not surprising though when you consider the audience PewDiePie caters too, are teenagers and people with ADHD.

Conan came to play and was sharp and witty as usual, comedy is a bit different when its live and not under your editing control huh PewDiePie? And the moment when you realize it’s way more entertaining to watch Conan, a 50 year old man, play video games than PewDiePie, a guy that has 40,000,000 people subbed to watch him play video games. Easily one of the worst Clueless Gamer episodes.

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