What the fuck are you doing Twitter?

So in its effort to pander to the Social Justice Warriors and create a safe space on the internet for all the “special” snowflakes out there, Twitter has formed a “Trust and Safety Council” headed up by none other than Anita Sarkeesian and the Feminist Frequency movement. I mean what can possibly go wrong when you have a woman who refuses to debate and allow comments on her videos. The unwillingness to debate openly and silence critics on social media is a hallmark of the intellectually bankrupt. Anyone familiar with Anita knows she doesn’t debate, she lectures. The mere suggestion of dissent will not be tolerated.


She does lazy research, she misrepresents her results, she puts politics over facts, she steals the work of others, she refuses to respond to critical analysis and she brands sceptical scrutiny as harassment. And they put this woman in charge of this Twitter counsel? Clearly Twitter has had a serious lap in judgement, and it shows in their company stock prices as it drops to its lowest price ever since going public. All the while they are trying to pander to the precious and fragile opinions of the Social Justice Warriors, because they simply cannot handle any form of criticism and free thoughts and need to be sheltered from it.

Apparently the council includes more than 40 organizations that will be tasked with helping Twitter, “strike the right balance between fighting abuse and speaking truth to power.” But here is the thing. If the goal really was find some middle ground between total free speech and safeguards against harassment, one might have expect Twitter to solicit some diversity of opinion. Despite the press release’s claim that the council includes a diversity of voices, virtually none of the council members are properly classified as free speech organizations including Sarkeesian and the Feminist Frequency. Why aren’t I surprised by this?

Censorship-Quotes-3Rumours that Twitter has begun ‘shadowbanning’ politically inconvenient users have been confirmed by a source inside the company recently, these Social Justice Warriors these regressive leftists are not your fucken audience Twitter. The fact that people like Stephen Fry and other people are now quieting Twitter must send you some type of message? Or are you that blind that you are willing to shoot yourself in the foot to pander to only a select few? Let’s all sit back and watch Twitter die and be replaced by a new platform. Free open speech unhindered by censorship will always bring in the crowds and content that gets people talking will always be a winner.

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