UN discusses banning the sale of certain Japanese games

I spotted this on the United Nations website, where they in no uncertain terms explicitly state the following:

“Among the possible issues for discussion between CEDAW and a delegation from the Japanese Government are: Banning the sale of video games or cartoons involving sexual violence against women; employment equality, illegal dismissal of women due to pregnancy and childbirth; sexual harassment in the workplace; reintegration into school textbooks of issue of “comfort women”; compensation for women with disabilities sterilised against their will; effect on women, particularly pregnant women, of health programmes introduced after the Fukushima nuclear disaster; difference in pension benefits for men and women, poverty among older women.”

Okay before I start with my little rant let me just put this up here for a bit of context:


The very same U.N who has Saudi Arabia as a member of their human rights council. The very same U.N who had to fire a staff member because he had child pornography on his computer. The very same UN whose people have been sexual abusing at least a dozen children aged from 7 to 16. They want to now ban certain Japanese video games. The truth seems stranger than fiction….Censorship has no place in video games, regardless of whether they are Western or Japanese game developers/creators, large-scale or small-scale. In fact, the same goes for developers/creators from any country. Same goes for any other media or art form.


I wonder if someone makes a game based on the rape rampage currently happening in Germany (Cologne) would the U.N., finally step in to do something since real life human rights seem to be on the back burner so they can go after video games? Koei Tecmo refused to release DOAX3 into the West because of the SJW retards not to mention Capcom has censored R.Mika’s butt-slap and some camera angles to not “offend” these overly sensitive souls. When you see companies like these bending to the will of Western media by not releasing games outside of Japan, it makes me wonder if they would follow the same path as the Social Justice Warrior crowd.

Hh4ALsGWhich ultimately spells bad news for freedom of expression and Japanese game developers and the western gamer’s who enjoys their games. And as expected, Japanese people aren’t very pleased about the U.N. trying to ban Japan from creating harmless fiction that vaguely resembles depictions of what the U.N might view as sexual violence. Japan will isolate their game industry completely from outsiders. If you want to buy their games? Too bad, you can’t anymore. Play-Asia will lose their rights to sell certain titles. Japan will isolate themselves and leave a small localization company with handpicked titles. Japan did this once, they can do it again.

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