Take your online “safe space”and stick it up your ass

Putting something up on the internet, and expecting to have a safe space, given what the internet is in its very essence stupidity of the highest level. It is like going on stage at a rock concert in front of a crowd of 10,000 people and charging them for harassment when they boo and jeer at you, when your singing voice sounds like a cat in a tumble dryer. When you use the internet, you are deliberately exposing yourself to the independent and coordinated expressions of everyone on the planet who has access to social media websites like Twitter. When those people, themselves, use that same network to rally in disagreement or even insults against you.

5kwoceThat isn’t harassment, it is a difference of opinion which as a grown adult male or female you should be able to handle. That is just the internet working as it’s supposed to, the principle of free speech doesn’t magically change just because you feel like publicly accessible online forums should be your personal safe space. One of the natural consequences which comes with the freedom of speech is having to be held accountable for whatever stupid shit you are going to say on social media. What makes you such a special “snow flakes” that you should be exempted from this? Or does it boil down to protecting your precious and fragile opinions, because it cannot stand on its own?

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One Response to Take your online “safe space”and stick it up your ass

  1. Teldin says:

    The only safe space is keeping your thoughts in your mind.

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