TotalBiscuit is quitting social media

Commentator on all things gaming, John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain announced that he’s stepping down from his social/digital media accounts in the face of his terminal cancer. Can’t say I blame him. I doubt the twitter drama is good for his health.It might be inconsequential to most of us, but when you think of yourself as a compassionate, reasonably level headed person who just hates bullshit, reading countless comments about you and your opinions on Twitter/YouTube must get to you after a while.

John "TotalBiscuit" Bain - PortraitAnd considering he is fighting cancer at the moment, he does not need to fight social media as well. Cancer gives you the right to be selfish, it is his life and health after all. You have to be selfish when you are an adult with cancer because there is simply not enough energy to keep everyone happy on the internet. Most of his fans are hardcore gamer’s can be pretty rabid at times, and I definitely think it’s the right call for him to step back.  I hope he get’s through it all. Fuck all the haters. His post about retiring from social media can be found here

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