That is what people like Gamespot get wrong…

That is what people like Gamespot get wrong and most other social justice warriors and feminists. Gender in video games should not matter. It is the story that counts. We need more women creating video games. Not more women making women in video games for other women. The Gamespot article is extremely stupid, hiring is based on qualification and merit, not sex, gender or color. A female development team is not required for a game to be good. If a game is enjoyable to play that’s the only thing that matters. And saying that young women need female characters as role models in video games is pathetic. What does that say about our society when you are claiming women need fictional characters as role models?
Although I would have to admit, almost any female video game character can be a better role model than someone like Kim Kardashian. I hate agenda spreading articles such as this. What we NEED is balanced fun games, I think people forget that is the core of what games should be. They are supposed to be fun not push an agenda. Am I the only one against developers being forced to make video game characters with a particular gender just to please a certain group of people? How about letting people do whatever they want to do to fit the game they are creating? I couldn’t care less if the character I am playing as (or any other character) is male or female, the only thing I care about is if the game is good and the story is memorable.

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