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Having a bit of a puke on the side of the road.

Let us see now: Clarkson is caravan murdering lunatic, drives like a maniac and happy about it. Hamster, much the same as Clarkson in road manners department, manages to survive a deadly jet-powered dragster disaster and return to work. Captain Slow drove a Bugatti Vyron at 259 mph and then drove a truck up the side of the erupting volcano in Iceland. Chris Evans manages to puke because he took a turn a little too hard, this definitely does not bode well for the show. Hopefully he will be able to pull something out of the bag. See what I did there? I get the sense that new Top Gear is going to be a complete disaster. I hope I’m wrong, but I am probably not. And on that bombshell


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I am a cucumber in a fruit bowl.
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