Just a thought on the 2016 Oscar boycott

Of all the people to boycott the 2016 Oscars, Jada Pinkett Smith is the least important, in her prime as an actor she was not even an A-Lister. And you would think boycotting the Oscars because your husband didn’t get nominated for his mediocre performance is the sign of a self-entitled person who thinks the world should revolve around them. Will Smith should never be nominated. Nothing to do with race but for inflicting his kids on the movie going public with their crappy roles and movies. A quick google session reveals that 23 people of colour are nominated in 2016. In comparison to 2013 when 12 Years a Slave won, about 19 were nominated. The difference is in 2013, there were more in the upper categories (producing, writing, directing, acting) but this year there is only one (Inarritu) in those categories. And since 2000, 52 nominations/20 wins went to Blacks.

dptSVFW70 nominations & 15 wins went to Hispanics and 107 nominations & 17 wins went to Asians. Did anyone compliment the Academy for this? No. This shows the intellectual ineptitude, insincerity and railroading thuggery of the easily-offended Social Justice Warriors. Just remember that these people get paid an artificially high amount of money for what they do, there are other people just as well qualified, if not more qualified that I am sure would be willing to take the roles they turn down on a daily basis. I don’t agree with a boycott because it paves the way for the Academy to try to correct itself with tokenism, which would be unfortunate. You don’t hire an actor for the colour of his skin, you hire an actor for his acting skills. My point is all of this Oscar racist talk is so short sided and cheap, it has no merit. It is only about race if people keep making it about race.

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