Anita Sarkeesian’s latest video is just as bad as the last one…

Anita Sarkeesian has a special gift for making bad points so poorly delivered using even worse examples to back them up that I have no choice but to disagree with her each time she releases another video in her Tropes Versus Woman in Video games series. She has taken footage others have made without credit, she will take scenes completely out of context to back up her point. I just don’t find her platform, her work, nor what she’s asking for these videos that impressive. The issue I have with Anita Sarkeesian is that a lot of the time the things she says are incredibly ill-informed and even when she has somewhat of a point, she just loses it seconds later on a tangent.

At the end of her videos, I am left shrugging and asking what the actual point was? I never walk away from her videos feeling any sense of edification. I just can’t find the coherent worldview in this series of hers. By all accounts, she’s not even a sex-positive feminist. Just look at how she reacted to Bayonetta. The hypocrisy doesn’t even make sense really, but that is not a new phenomenon with this series. Anita analysis conveniently only looks at the times they are censored. Not that this should be surprising, as her specialty is conducting research with only the variables that line up with the results she wants. I won’t argue about her latest video point for point, just watch it and make up your own mind.

7khZDPeople ask why give this woman the time of day? Simply put: Between games, movies, music and television. Games are the thing that the mass public is least familiar with. And Anita’s influence depends on people not being savvy to what she is talking about. Look at how much the gaming and internet community is constantly calling her out on her bullshit, with more than enough evidence to blow her videos out of the water. The “internet harassment” that Anita desperately seeks to shut down is people using the truth to call her out on her bullshit arguments. But the mainstream public has no idea about of this, so I am here to inform and call her out on her Tropes Versus Woman in Video Games series.

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One Response to Anita Sarkeesian’s latest video is just as bad as the last one…

  1. Theo Lübbe says:

    Dear lord! It’s like videogame developers traveled back in time to tell the original designers of characters like Catwoman and Batman to place emphasis on the one’s butt while covering the others’ up so they could later use these in their half-a-century-later video games!

    Her videos are generally just so mind-numbingly stupid I’ve never been able to get through the entirety of any I’ve tried watching.

    She’s claimed she disabled the comments on her videos to avoid harassment, but I’m confident it’s just so people can’t tear her videos apart right on the things’ own comment sections.

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