Cover songs Versus the orginal

I see that a lot of people these days don’t understand what a cover song is about, or when a band covers a popular song and put their own spin on it. You always get the inevitable comments that say: “The original is still better” at which point I apply my face to my desk. That is not the point of a cover song. A cover is not just an artist singing someone else’s song. A cover is an artist doing their own take on the song, and deriving their own meaning from it.

So if the song is slower and less visceral, that’s because the artist intended it to be, and wanted to capture different emotions than the original, or at least different facets of the emotions the original made you feel. And just because you want it to emulate the original as closely as possible doesn’t mean it has to, that is what makes cover songs so amazing. Modern day artists taking a classic and putting their own style and spin on it, and paying homage to the original.

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