The next wave of Star Wars toys get’s released

Remember when the SJW kicked up a stink regarding the lack of Rey toys after the latest Star Wars release? Well myself and Pepperidge farm remembers. I am fine with the lack of Rey in the first line of Star Wars toys. It downplayed her role, making us downplay her role in the narrative. I liked that Finn had all of the toys/images using a lightsaber and not Rey. It made that reveal better and more enjoyable. Having said that, a large amount of fans out there tracks spoilers through toys and merchandise. Most of toy buyers buy toys after seeing the movie, once they know the characters, not before, and by then they would all know who Rey was.

OAdTIQCI enjoy how many people responding to the new line of Rey toys are under the assumption that Rey toys are only flooding out now because Disney/Mattel/whoever was embarrassed by the last few weeks of bad publicity. As though the design, production, and distribution of these toys don’t require months of meticulous planning. But the fact is, they had always planned to release a ton of Rey stuff around now. Both release schedule for the Rey-lite first wave and the Rey-heavy second wave- significantly predates people complaining on Twitter about representation among their Monopoly figurines. And guess where are the people who complained are to be found? Absolutely nowhere…

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