For a day, I was a dragon. Toothless – HTTYD (Cosplay)

Here is a feel good story for once:

“What really moved my heart was during my photoshoot, a very bold and wide-eyed little girl mozied right up to me in the middle of shooting and plopped down with the absolute biggest smile on her face. Her mother, not far off, informed me that her daughter had been watching me intently and wanted to “talk to the Toothless girl”. Immediately I plopped down as well and started answering all her questions about ‘being a dragon’.

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“I’d never met a kid so out-going and friendly while I was in cosplay before! Within just a few minutes, they multiplied! Where were all these kids coming from?? They mustered up the courage to come talk to me as well once they saw how happy and receptive I was with the first little girl’s inquiries, as all their mothers were laughing and smiling at us while taking photos of the humorous interaction. They were all very respectful and sweet, enchanted by this strange dragon lady.”


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