Jennifer Lawrence can you stop being a bitch for a moment?

English does not sound like his first language after watching the video. I am guessing he was reading the translated question from his phone, which is not uncommon for foreign reporters. He was probably already struggling to get the question out in English correctly and then she cuts him off twice. As far as I can make out he was trying to say: “How do you see yourself for the Oscar night, and how was you’re *Jennifer interrupts*” which, it’s pretty broken English. Obviously it was not his first language, but I thought it was pretty clear what he was asking her.

How she thinks she’ll do at the Oscars and then was going to ask how her actual evening was. He hadn’t even finished his question nor did he in any way seem confident with the language judging by how he spoke.  And Jennifer Lawrence just decides to humiliate him in front of a couple of million people, and other journalists. He was probably really nervous, so it was super shitty of her to bitch at him like that. You used to be one of the few Hollywood woman who seemed down to earth, I am guessing the fame and money went straight to your head.

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