I am just a “normal/easy” type of guy/gamer

Maybe it is because I am older and wiser but gaming has never been about being good it’s about having fun for me. Human competition says otherwise but if you are enjoying yourself why not play on normal or easy? If you feel that you are not having fun or have to try too hard, turn down the difficulty and enjoy the game. I play games Witcher, Mass Effect, Skyrim, etc, on normal largely because I have enough challenges in my real life. I just want to get home, slice up some monsters and get lost in the story. And playing on normal it does not feel like the game is beating me up and taking my lunch money every time I didn’t do everything the way it did not wanted me to. 

f6c68901ff25b961442061dc92259439-d542ljfMy favorite video game titles are the ones with a story, a universe I can explore and/or become immersed in, and contains strong narrative, and characters. Some gamer’s may love the combat obstacles that games put in their path. While others may want to rush past these challenges to continue the story or to see what on the next level. Minecraft players for instance often spend the majority of their time in the creative mode, eliminating enemies completely to focus entirely on building. Different strokes for different folks. Challenges are not the core mechanic of video games anymore, not that it invalidates those looking for a tough as nails challenges in a video game. 

gamification-in-market-research-13-728Having said that, it by no means makes you a “bad gamer” for playing on lower difficulties. Those telling people they suck for playing at lower difficulties, those are the “bad gamer”. Looking at the bigger picture, difficulty settings does not matter. They allow a broader range of gamer’s to certain video games. Not everyone wants to die to a single Deathclaw blow like in Fallout 4 for instance. I want to explore and learn, not be crushed by a boss repeatedly and lose interest, and as I get older and my play times is shortened due to family responsibilities it makes more sense for me playing a game on normal instead of trying to pull nails and teeth finishing a game on hard.

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  1. Prophet says:

    There is nothing wrong with just following the story instead of facing each and enemy as absolute combat. At end of the day game should entertain you not rape you.

    However I can’t but help to laugh at some developer’s idea of hard. Especially those who think a challenge is rather an enemy with 10K health points instead of 1k health points; when you attack those it kinda feels like chopping down a tree and totally misses the point.

    But yeah when I replay, that rarely happens nowadays becomes of time constraints, I might crank up the difficulty if I know its not just enemies with slapped on health points. You want to have fun over just something that just kills you in a single shot. No fun there and sadly developers also think that hard equals number hits to kill player character.

    Personally I would rather see attacks and skills vary and then added damage over just more damage and more health points or the well known horde and impossible setups…

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