Dragon Age: Inquisition is so… Not that bad actually.

DA:I garnered good reviews when it got released almost a year ago, but gamer’s seemed to turn on it really fast. I bought it when it was released but never really got to play it because I had another half a dozen PS4 titles on my plate. So after finishing Fallout 4 I decided to give it a go and surprisingly enough I really enjoy it. DA:I suffered from trying to make everyone happy, hardcore Role Playing fans and casual gamer’s alike. Casuals complained that it moved too slowly and found the progression mechanics slow.

Cassandra.Pentaghast.full.1838830And old-school Role playing fans, meanwhile complained relentlessly about the battle system and the pace of the story. It might not be the strongest Dragon Age entry into the franchise, but it certainly is not the worst Role Playing Game I have played. My favorite aspect of DA:I though, is the moment you ride into a new area for the first time. Every area in the game is different and absolutely massive, the main quest in the game are entertaining enough.

Leliana.(Dragon.Age).full.1838828Whether it involves clearing out an important fortress or obtaining the help from a faction for the Inquisition.  I understand why some people hate DA:I and why some love it, and I am firmly in the love it camp at the moment. Though the overall plot so far is predictable, not that Dragon Age game’s get huge points for plot originality. The point of DA:I is the grand quest, and the characters who join you along the way. Inquisition had that sweeping feel to me, 55 hours in and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I was just a year late enjoying it…

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  1. Karl Weller says:

    I would really like to get into this series but didn’t really enjoy the previous. All indications seem to suggest that I’d find this just as difficult to enjoy. I realise that I’m in the minority here but I guess it’s something I’ll have to live with.

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