Video games will not help you survive in the zombie apocalypse

I see the above image below floating around on social media websites on a regular basis and it always brings a smile too my face, but not for the right reasons. You must be pretty delusional to think that playing zombie themed games will somehow in a theoretical (zombie) situation give you the edge over hardened criminals, survivalists and military trained people. In actual fact gamer’s like us would be the first to go in a situation like this, I am including myself in this hapless group as well. What use will video games be if you can’t run very far or fast? Can you shoot multiple types of guns? Can you wield a machete or katana in real life?

FB_IMG_1452170321825Can you aim? Can you attack while running, especially in the dark or on unpredictable or unknown terrain? Do you know how to take care of something medical if you’re injured? Can you find and maintain food and clean drinking water? We are talking about teaching/learning a specific skill set that will be useful specifically if a real-world zombie apocalypse were to occur, and let’s be honest you won’t find that in any video game. And even if the zombies don’t get you the hardened criminals will. Survival seems unlikely. Or at least, you wont last very long. If you will excuse me I need to go play COD so I can join the Navy Seals…

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  1. Jake Waller says:

    So maybe we won’t last long, but that’s not gonna stop me trying to have as much fun with my baseball bat (owned solely for zombocalypse purposes) as possible before they get me!

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