Oh the irony…

Man, I am actually loving this right now. All the “progressive” and “divers”  SJW comic snobs must be eating their hats right about now over this. Remember when the SJW made such a big fuss over the new female Thor and how “amazing “the sales were for the first issue? Well guess what? Female Thor does not even feature in the top 300 for the latest Comic Book sales figure. Remember how they ran DC off the road for the Batgirl #41 variant cover? Well “progressive SJW pasteurized” Batgirl sits at a lowly number 80, being outsold by “Jem and the Holograms”and even fucken Jughead. Bu..bu…but Thor’s debut issues sold so well, what happened?

Thor.0.0-970x545The same thing that happens with every flavor-of-the-week, bandwagon-hopping SJW target. The debut issues sold so well because the media parasitically hopped on the diversity bandwagon and spared no article space to cover this shit. The only thing the Female Thor comic series accomplished was being notable for being used by Andrew Dobson to mock Robin William’s daughter after her father died. I could have dealt with FemThor if they had just put in even a little fucking effort. Just a bit. Instead they produce poorly written, preachy garbage that messes with established characterization and unnecessarily goes against canon.

batgirl-1024x485Writing a female Thor that fits in the established lore wouldn’t have been hard. It would have required a little research. But no, that’s work, and who has time to work when you could be congratulating yourself for your correct political opinions? This then begs the question of how loyal and profitable the SJW crow really is. If something so simple like this is enough to turn a comic from being profitable to not even featuring in the top 300, is it really the direction DC and Marvel want to take? And don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against female main characters, but from what I have seen of some of these newer series, they seem much more focused on pushing a social and moral agenda. rather than telling a story.

imrs.php_DC and Marvel’s clear willingness to completely throw their existing audience under the bus for even the glimmer of hope that they could get mainstream approval and target other demographics, has come back to bite them in the ass. Insult to injury, after all the above, they shit on the people who stuck with them through it all. Who wants to give their money to people who take them for granted? Who’s going to fanboy and defend a company in spite of their mistakes. It’s only a matter of time before companies realize that pandering to a loud minority isn’t a sound business practice, especially when that minority doesn’t care for the product either way.

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  1. Cirsova says:

    When I commented on how stupid it was for Marvel to have Femme Thor written to intentionally attack comics’ readership and for taking potshots at gamergate, I totally had some guy come over and tell me “Thor is more popular than ever, look at the sales!” ANYTIME a recognizable title relaunches with some stupid new gimmick, initial sales boom, but in a year or two, even most of the top-tiers sink into low 5 digit sales volume. Hence why publishers are constantly relaunching titles and doing short side runs.

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