To everyone bagging on toymakers like Hasbro

The second round of Hasbro toys sets will contain Rey and Rey as the center point, having her in the first round of toy sets would have possibly spoiled the movie’s plot points. Also just like any other media outlet toy companies sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). But even Disney representative admitted that the first waves of toys were based on the first small chunk of the movie. Disney also confirmed that some Rey figurines were held out of stores until after the movie was released as they contain moderate movie spoilers (holding a light saber is a dead giveaway.) The toys were produced far prior to the movie coming out a week ago.

960Like many people the toy companies were not aware of the plot and all previous marketing pointed towards Finn being the lead/Jedi of the film. Disney noted that a new wave of Rey products will be available this month. Remember when transformers came out back in 2007?  Hasbro also had massive shortages of Bumblebee in the 2007 Transformers movie for months. That is why when I went to the store they have a Milenium Falcon with Chewie and Finn instead of Rey and Chewie like in the movie. Also a quick search on eBay reveals that the Rey figures are also going for insane prices on eBay in general than Finn figures.

Rey-SpeederIndicating that they might be selling out in stores and that the toy companies cannot keep up with demand. A lot of Rey figures were released ahead of the premiere showing her with her quarterstaff.  According to the shops I contacted less of these were made than, say, Kylo Ren who doesn’t need any updating later. I contacted plenty of toy suppliers to ask about Rey figures, and I was told exactly this: “The ones with her holding a light saber are being held back to prevent spoilers, and anywhere they *are* on sale they have been sold out almost instantly” The reason why they’re so many Finn figures is because nobodies buying them.

Rey-Star-Wars-MerchandiseDisney is trying to sell his figures so bad while Rey ones are flying off the shelf.  Not everything is to degrade woman like the media and the social justice warrior’s wants you to believe. This is feminism at its finest. Every article on every site is about Rey, her toys sell more than Finn’s, and her toys cost more than Finn’s. She has completely eclipsed him in everything and that is still not enough. But I am sure we have Episodes VIII and IX to look forward to a fully marketed female protagonist people are missing the point that we didn’t know she was the main character of VII until we saw the movie. So why not put away the misdirected social justice rage?

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