Suitably Bored’s year in review (2015)

So I thought it would be nice to have a post that summarizes all the things that happened on my blog in 2015, giving you some highs and lows when it comes to anything geek related. Including movies,series,gaming and everything else we as geeks love to consume. So without further ado let’s get this bad boy on the role. Arguably the biggest thing to happen at the start of 2015 was the attacks on press freedom in Paris and the subsequent death of Charlie Hebdo which shocked the entire world. January 2015 was also the month I jumped on the Destiny hype train and got completely addicted to the game. February saw the release of the first episode of Life is Strange one of the best story/narrative games of 2015 and an episode game that rivals that of Telltale Games.

life-is-strange-review-1422978620Video game journalism also headlined in February and people like Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian where making headlines on a daily bases. It was also the month in which the infamous Gamersgate episode of Law and Order and gamers as a whole had a collective facepalm moment. March saw the release of the most anticipated super hero team up movie in history Avengers: Age of Ultron and geekdom across the world had a collective boner. March also saw the Social Justice Warriors take the forefront with them pressuring DC comics into canceling variant covers celebrating 75 years of The Joker and The Killing Joke. A sad day indeed for comic book fans. March was also a month where people like Tim Schafer decided to make an idiot of himself by discrediting minorities and women in video games.

A con artist and a domestic abuser speak to a body of international criminals. Sounds legit.

A con artist and a domestic abuser speak to a body of international criminals. Sounds legit.

The month of April held some sad news indeed for Silent Hill fans as Konami cancels the upcoming Silent Hill game. April is also the month I finally took the plunge and bought a Playstation 4 and the very first game I play is The Last of Us an emotional master piece and one of the best games I have ever played. We also got to see the very first trailer for another Marvel blockbuster Ant-Man. May saw an outrage over a local mascot for a gaming/expo event rAge and the subsequent changes made to appease the minority. May also saw the release of one of the most anticipated western role playing games of 2015, Witcher 3. June saw bad news for Hannibal fans as their show was not renewed for another season and subsequently got canceled.

yGtyXhzJune also saw the death for Sir Christopher Lee an amazing actor and all round nice guy. We also got the first trailers for Jurassic World and Fallout 4. Windows 10 made it’s main stream debut and I decided to take the plunge like millions of other people. We also got to see the return of a cult classic when it was announced that the X-Files will make a return and fans across the world screamed and cried like little girls. And to round things off in July we also got to see the first trailers for Suicide Squad and Batman versus Superman, it truly was a good month for comic book fans. August was a sad month for horror fans as West Craven died at the age of 76. “The Merc with the mouth” aka Deadpool fans were also in for a treat as the Deadpool movie was announced.

close-up-man-until-dawnSeptember saw the release of both Metal Gear Solid 5 and Until Dawn a horror point and click style game which I enjoyed thoroughly.  I also started with my “Local is Lekker” initiative to highlight some of the local South African Youtube talent we have. Also the very same month Metal Gear Solid 5 was released it was announced that Hideo Kojima will be parting ways with the amazing franchise, manly tears were shed on that day. October was the month of petitions and protest as South African learning institutions were burning due to violent protests. We also got to see people protesting the latest Star Wars movie due to a storm trooper being black and not white with the #BoycottStarWarsVII trending on Twitter and social media.

TLoUs03There were also multiple occasions where the video game press showcased some of their most “brilliant” work, when a VG247 journalist mistook Uncharted 2 for Uncharted 4 and wrote a terrible first impression review of it. And Polygon made a “small” mistake by confusing Bungie with 343 Industries, how on earth they managed that no one knows. November was once again “Social Justice Warrior Month” as  Koei Tecmo announced that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 won’t be making it too western shores due to concerns of SJW backlash. Also Kotaku tried to play the victim game in a blacklist “scandal” and was subsequently torn apart by gamer’s and the gaming industry on social media, it was a most beautiful thing to witness.

EthicsAnd finally December was upon us in a blink of an eye. Steam went down and we got a lame apology from Valve while the creators of Uncharted 4 gets accused of racism by people with nothing better to do with their time. And The Witcher 3 beats Fallout 4 like a red headed step child at the yearly video game awards. So in summary 2015 was an amazing year if you were a geek like myself, with some massive movies and video games being released throughout the year. It was an amazing mix of drool worthy moments mixed in with the sad as we said goodbye to famous actors and producers, not to mention the facepalm moments brought on by the Social Justice Brigade and their endless crusade of stupidity. Here is looking forward to 2016 and the amazing things it will hold for us!

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