What is up with Valve’s lame apology for recent Steam issues?

At this point I ask myself what Valve employees do the whole day? Because Steam support simply is the worse in the industry, even Origin/Uplay are much, much better. And the last 24 hours have just highlighted this issue even more. Any official information about what is going on during the situation, along with the “We are working on this” statement, would have been a good thing. Instead people were opening their Steam accounts and saw pages in a foreign language. Saw someone else’s login details with their avatar in the upper right corner, and billing info and had no idea what the hell is going on. Is it something with Steam? Was their account hacked? Should they worry about it? For over an hour there was no official information not from Steam or Valve.

tumblr_nzxnlpCNzr1s81otzo1_1280Not everyone browses videogame message boards or knows about the SteamDB twitter account or checks the Steam message board. And even those were unofficial sources and we didn’t know how official the information was we were getting. I don’t know what is worse, Valve’s continuing lack of communication after more than a day, or the number of people willing to defend this multi-billion-dollar global corporation by insinuating that it is not such a big deal. Fuck Valve, and fuck all of this victim blaming nonsense. As a customer it feels as if Valve are merely treading down a well-worn path of mediocrity and apparent indifference towards all their customers. Ironically if it was Microsoft or Sony people would have a field day with them.

How it should have gone down: “An issue occurred for X hours which resulted in users being able to access others’ personal information. Full credit card details were not leaked, nor were any payment details. Unauthorized purchases could not be made. Full names could be accessed. Address data, telephone numbers and the last four digits of stored card numbers may have been view-able. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our users, and we want to reassure them that the problem is now fully resolved, and no action is required by users. We will be taking immediate steps to ensure an issue such as this does not happen in the future. Full details of the security measures we will take to ensure this will be posted in due course once they are finalized. Should you have any concerns regarding your data, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do all we can to assist.”


What we got from Valve: “Steam is back up and running without any known issues. As a result of a configuration change earlier today, a caching issue allowed some users to randomly see pages generated for other users for a period of less than an hour. This issue has since been resolved. We believe no unauthorized actions were allowed on accounts beyond the viewing of cached page information and no additional action is required by users.” As for me, I have been a Steam user for almost 5 years, I have over 1000 games in my library, and this WILL affect my usage of Steam. I now have a lower expectation for security on Steam. I will avoid using my credit card on Steam and will probably switch to getting Steam Wallet cards, all due to this breach and pathetic response from Valve.

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  1. Valve could at least said something like “We apologize for blah blah and will put measures in place to prevent it happening again.
    I use Paypal on Steam. Seems like the safest option for me.

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